Cameroon Arabica coffee comes from Java breed which was introduced into Cameroon in 1930’s by German missionaries. Coffee farms where introduced in all regions of Cameroon and become a major export commodity from Cameroon. Cameroon is placed fifteenth in the world for production and fifth on the African continent.
Arabica Coffee from Cameroon is rated amongst the best coffees in the world. It is grown on the western highlands at altitudes of 1800m above sea level on slightly acidic and volcanic soils. These favorable conditions give the coffee a unique aroma and flavor. Most of coffee grown in Kumbo region grows under taller trees which gives them a shed hence making them to mature healthily and by small sized farms. We have wet processed wash Arabica specialty beans.

Arabica Coffee is mainly Java coffee which has high acidity, a typical African flavor and a balanced body with spicy notes
Kumbo town in Bui division our farming area is situated in the North West region of Cameroon is one of the highest producing areas with over one 300 tons annually. In fact coffee is the main cash crop of the area though it has witnessed a steep fall in production due to the fall in world market coffee prices in the early 90s. Farming in the area is small scale from 3-15ha farms.

kumbo town