Coffee we market is grown in North West and West regions of Cameroon namely in Oku, Kumbo, Mbaime and Nkambe areas. It is mainly java Arabica and Robusta coffee growing at an altitude of 1700- 2200m above sea level on rich volcanic soil. Most farmers here use little or no chemicals making it organic in nature. We have over 400 members under Mbim cooperative and SBIGWEB cooperative Kumbo, Cameroon who produce over 850 mtons of coffee anually.  According to Roast Magazine on Cameroonian coffee, “Its unique profile comes from the rich volcanic soil as well as from the benefits of growing in a diversified crop environment.” This is coffee that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, alone or with a favorite treat. It is a smooth, rich taste that you won’t soon forget.

Arabica Coffee: is mainly Java coffee which has high acidity, a typical African flavor and a balanced body with spicy notes.

Robusta Coffee: Full bodied strong Robusta flavor grown on lowlands and plateaus.
Let it become your coffee of choice, when you want to have a taste of refined coffee.

Email us if you need Arabica or Robusta coffee, we can supply you our beans..