BIMECOFFEE is our coffee processing and marketing brand based in Cameroon as of now and soon to be introduced in the Asian market.



BIMECOFFEE comes from the Western Highlands of Cameroon, Central Africa where climate and soil conditions guarantee premium quality, a balanced body, flavor and aroma in every cup for the most discerning connoisseur.

BIMECOFFEE is roasted and ground in Kumbo, Cameroon.
Our coffee bean is washed Arabica organically grown mostly under shades of tall trees from farmers of Bui division in the North West Region of Cameroon.  Farmers here are peasants who have been growing coffee as an art for decades. We have social goals coordinated by NAVTI Foundation Cameroon where we ensure that farmers get a fair share from the marketing process by supporting development projects in their communities.
By buying this coffee, you will be improving their welfare.


BIMECOFFEE is 100% Arabica coffee for your ultimate enjoyment.

We have marketing channels throughout Cameroon and will be ready to serve you whenever and wherever you may be.

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Sakah street Kumbo, North West Region, Cameroon

Tel: +23775764242, +23775459736

Email: sbigweb @