BIMELA International Ltd Cameroon, Hong Kong is a company set out to promote marketing of goods and services from Africa to the world and vice versa. We source goods from either way.

We have connections worldwide and a team of experts ready to help you source your products when need arises.

Agricultural products such as coffee, honey, cocoa, soya beans and other basic necessities are our main target and we shall ensure a clear trade in our operations thus helping improve status of farmers and making the world a better and fair. We have offices in Hong Kong, Cameroon, and networks in many African countries and the world.

We also have an African culture/music program. We created this to train people in Asia and the world on African drum, music, arts and culture.

Just drop us a mail and our products will be at your door step.



  • Coffee Coffee Cameroon highland coffee is both Arabica and Robusta coffee grown at high altitudes. Arabica coffee is mainly Java Arabica which has a high acidity,unique flavor and very spicy notes
  • Cocoa Cocoa We supply cocoa beans from Cameroon and other African countries to the rest of the world. Contact us for the best quality cocoa to process and get the best products
  • Coffee Coffee Full bodied strong Robusta flavor grown on lowlands and plateaus. Let it become your coffee of choice, when you want to have a taste of refined coffee.
  • Cocoa Cocoa Cameroon and many African countries grow cocoa. We can assist acquire up to 250 tons and more depending on your request. Most of the cocoa is organically grown with little or no chemicals
  • African culture African culture Africa is a continent blessed with a rich and abundant culture. We have expert instructors who bring African culture to the world by educating them on African music,African food,African lifestyle and everything African
  • Tourism Tourism Cmeroon is blessed with so many iconic and touristic sites. We organise touristic trips to cameroon and introduce others to the beauty of Cameroon and Africa as a whole
  • Highlands Highlands It's all about tourism and learning with us as we will take you to the most historic sites in Cameroon. Just give us a call and we will take you where you want to go!
  • Mount Cameroon Mount Cameroon Mount Fako is based in Buea, the south west region of Cameroon It is an Iconic site with many tourists coming from all parts of the world to see. We can assist interested persons to go and experien
  • Menchum falls Menchum falls It is a unique waterfall in Cameroon with the capacity of supplying electricity to all of the West African region